White-Labelled Apps

White-Labelled Apps: Get yours now!

We have always been known to start a phenomenon! Here are we starting another one.

Quite often we have come across clients who want to do an existing idea in their own unique way. They don’t want to re-invent the wheel and only want to add their own uniqueness to the idea which will become the USP of their app.

They are mostly right in their analyses that building an already done App with big feature list from scratch might be costly and unproductive. And they asked us to build a version of our in-house apps for them. They were so happy to get Apps which took us 6 plus months to build in raw white labelled form within a week. They only paid us for the customization and enhancements according to their needs.

We are now happy to offer white labelled apps which feature shopping cart, dating, blogs, CMS and more. The basic app will come in a managable cost and you only need worry about the future releases and development costs.

White-Labelled App Examples:

  • Dating Apps – Please have a look at our some ravishing dating Apps in our portfolio here. We can provide a white-labelled bare bone version of it and can customise it for you. We will host the App on our server and you only pay setup costs and share from the revenue
  • Shopping Cart Apps: Please have a look at our spicejunction  & PixnArte Apps using in our portfolio here. We can provide a white-labelled bare bone version of it and can customise it for you. In this App you can sell event tickets and groupon like offers as well as you can sell any product/item using the same mechanism.
  • CMS & Blog Apps: Please have a look at our Indian News (RSS reading app) & EasyFlatMate (Joomla CMS) iPhone, Android apps in our portfolio here.

And don’t forget, we have done some amazing apps in iPhone, Android and HTML5 as well. So you don’t have to go shopping for development support for your App on a different OS. We are also highly recommended as we provide a great after sales support for enhancement and customisation.

Its time to make that decision now. Let us build you an App or your desktop/mobile site and see your business grow by leaps and bounds. Not only we make awesome apps but we also provide social media promotion strategy and marketing support to make your App/Website popular in its category.

Looking forward to hear back from you soon!

skype: phoenixgmn

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