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Why you need SEO?

In very simple words “Without SEO support, your business is a dead fish.” . If people looking for products & services offered by your business in a Google, Yahoo or MSN search can’t find you (or you are on 10th page) then your business is as good as non-existent. In the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, one goal remains constant: traffic. We are a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team, highly confident in SEO skills and have a proven success record in improving page rankings on search engines. Our approach to SEO is ethical yet results driven. We have a secret recipe to bring your more visitors.


  1. At (UK & US Company ), our passionate & friendly team is well trained to understand your website, app and business model too, as we have already built many websites & apps (some award winning e.g. London App Design Awards 2014) for our clients – please check out our complete web & apps portfolio here and some award winning hand-picked apps & app explainer videos here
  2. We have offices & clients in U.K., U.S., AU and have 100+ SEO/digital marketing manpower in India. You can checkout our well thought out digital marketing strategy explained here
  3. We allocate a highly educated and fluent English Speaker Project Manager on every project, who will provide you weekly reports and will always be in touch with you on Skype.
  4. We don’t just execute projects like a silent dumb robot type manpower – we take interest in your business and share with you new ways and strategies to grow your business.

Many of our team members are certified in “Google Ad Words” & “ISO standards” so we guarantee Higher Google Rankings and More Traffic to your Website. We are not the cheapest as cheapest providers cannot afford expert manpower and usually deliver nothing substantial. However, we can assure you that we are affordable & provide best value for your money – results and reports assured for every penny you spend with us. We also provide other digital media services like creatives, info graphics, viral videos, content writing at very affordable cost & guarantee improvement in ranking and traffic.

Most Common Question:  It would be good to know what processes and plans your SEO employees would undertake for a new SEO campaign. Are you able to give an outline of this and the tasks they would implement?

Ans:  The ethical SEO works that are going to be done by our experts is totally as per the guidelines of search engine providers’ recommendations. For a new SEO campaign here is our process that we implement and strategies around improving the rankings. Bear in mind, a lot is needed on top of SEO to make you found, like digital marketing which involves twitter, facebook, instagram and viral videos + infographics.

On page optimization:

  1. Site analysis: In this process we completely analyze your site and make sure that it is good from SEO perspective and mobile friendly. If it’s not then we make recommendations. Note: As per Google, more than 60% of web search nowadays is done on mobile.
  2. Competitor Analysis: In this process we check the SEO work done by your competitors, their rankings, their keywords etc
  3. Keyword Research and Analysis: This part contains the research process to identify keywords for the brand. We try to identify keywords unique to your business and geolocation and target those which are less used by competitors but can still drive significant traffic to your website
  4. Meta Title, Description & Keywords Tags Optimization. Meta content rewriting as per the SEO needs of sections,menus and articles on website.
  5. Webmaster verification, Google analytics, robot.txt creation and updating.
  6. W3C errors check and reports, recommendations for website fixes.
  7. Rewriting content and adding new content as per identified keywords.
  8. Adding title tags to all images, reducing image sizes and making site load faster as it’s an important parameter for google.
  9. Anchor Tag / Hyperlink Optimization
  10. Content Optimization: Implementation of H1/H2 and Bold Tags to content
  11. Checking the broken links
  12. Robots.txt Optimization
  13. Google Analytics Code on pages
  14. Creation of blog sections for fresh content and RSS feeds.
  15. Creating and adding relevant images and infographics to the website’s blog.

Off page optimization:

  1. Bookmarking submissions,
  2. classified ads submission,
  3. article submissions,
  4. blog posting (content provider resource is separate),
  5. document submission,
  6. ppt submission,
  7. press release,
  8. blog commenting,
  9. Video Submission,
  10. Infographic Submission,
  11. Ping submission etc.

Some of our happy clients – more details available – just ask

  1. – a highly reputed award winning guide for visitors to London
  2. – award winning portal & guides for startups
  3. (as outsourcing partner for their SEO agencies)
  4. – India’s #1 IT infrastructure company
  5. – a job listing portal made using wordpress for tech startups in London
  6. – #1 on Google for “student jobs London” (as outsourcing partner for their SEO agency)
  7. Keyword – Vissen in Barcelona |
  8. Keyword – Beverly hills fashion designers|
  9. Keyword – Proofing Online |
  10. And 100s more.

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